NBA Live Stream Celtics VS Pacers: How To Watch Online, Odds, Result Prediction, Start Time, TV Channel


NBA Live Stream Celtics VS Pacers: Boston Celtics and Pacers both teams are huge fan based very popular NBA team. In the Tuesday evening will give you continuous warmness when the battle of Boston Celtics and Pacers will start. Both the team will shows their strength on the battle ground.

This is the home match for Pacers which may tacks advantage than Celtics. The Home crowds will the sixth player for Paces. The Celtics fans also will wait to take revenge of the previous match.

Like these match Both the teams are held to head participate each other in 11th December 2019 in the same Ground BANKERS LIFE FIELDHOUSE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN which is the home ground of Paces. But unfortunately the home team take advantage and pacers win the previous match by 122-117 marks.

Sabonis is the best player in 2019- 2020 session for Pacers. In the previous match between Celtics VS Pacers, D. Sabonis makes 14 Rebounds with 8 Assists.

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Date: 10 March, 2020

Start Time: 7:00PM ET

Home Match For: Pacers

TV Channel: Fox Sports Indiana

Radio: 93.5/107.5 FM


Celtics VS Pacers Tickets


In the INDIANAPOLIS the Tickets price for Celtics VS Pacers is per fixed and which is very according to your position. The tickets prices are very from $18 to $1367. For $18 tickets your set location will the last row of the ground and for VIP and the first row set will be cost by $1367.

Celtics VS Pacers Score Past History

If you look over the past NBA history between Celtics and Pacers, the winning rate is relatively better than Indiana Pacers (hare only considers head to head matches) with 18 matches.


Session 2018-2019

Date Team Vs. Team Score
3rd 2018 Boston Celtics          vs.            Indiana Pacers        101 – 102
9th Jan 2019 Boston Celtics          vs.            Indiana Pacers        135 – 108
29th Mar 2019 Boston Celtics          vs.            Indiana Pacers        114 – 112
5th Apr 2019 Boston Celtics          vs.            Indiana Pacers        117 – 97
11 Dec 2019 Boston Celtics          vs.            Indiana Pacers        117 – 122


NBA Odds

If you look over the previous NBA odds the Boston Celtics is much batter as well as favorite team than Indiana Pacers.

Boston Celtics VS Pacers Results Prediction


This session Pacers beat Boston Celtics and Pacers showing their strength in this session. The D. Sabonis and M. Brogdon form make stress of Celtics squads. Although Boston Celtics is far batter team lineup than Pacers and they know how to fight back. NBALIVESTREAM Results Prediction is Boston Celtics will win the match but Pacers also give strong fight.

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