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Sports are the core heart of entertainment. Lots of sports played around the world like NFL, UFC, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Moto, WWE, Hockey, and Rugby etc which are watch on free live streaming site sportsurge. The popularity of sports varies country to country. Hare we describe about Basketball as we all know how popular Basketball in USA (Untitled State of America) and Canada. Basketball is the one of the most viewed professional men’s sports which is associated by National Basketball Association (NBA). In every year around thirty (30) teams participate among them one of the team from Canada and remaining 29 teams from USA.

Most of the sports lover interested to watch the sports online and very excited to know ultimate result of the game but very few of them know about NBA founder NBA history, facts and when was the NBA invented! Hey! Dear hare is the complete encyclopedia about NBA history facts founder teams. Hey we go.

About NBA (National Basketball Association)

NBA doesn’t need any introduction; it’s the one of the old but still very popular sport association in USA and Canada. Every year NBA organize professional basketball league in USA. NBA (National Basketball Association) is invented in 6th June 1946 in New York City by Basketball Association of America (BAA). After successfully three year running Basketball Association of America change to National Basketball Association in 3rd August 1949 and after merging with the competing finally makes NBA (National Basketball Association).

NBA (National Basketball Association) Founder

The owners of the major ice hockey arenas of Northeastern & Midwestern United States and Canada initially organize NBA in 1946. The history of NBA recorded very first match held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 1st November 1946. In this match the Toronto Huskies hosted the New York Knickerbockers at Maple Leaf Gardens.

NBA (National Basketball Association) History Facts

  • Basketball Association of America (BAA) was founded in 1946 6th Initially 11 teams participate after than lots of team added and lots of team eliminate and now finally 30 teams participated in NBA.
  • NBA is the unique sport which is played in Christmas day also from 1947.
  • At the presence time NBA players are maximum paid player in the sports history.
  • Every year NBA been around eight month which is started in October and running up to June.
  • Each team played 82 games in a session (41 home matches and 41 away matches).

When Did Professional Basketball Teams Start Organizing?

The professional basketball league starts from last week of October in every year. In every year the coaches of every team select 15 players (12 active players and 3 non active players). After complete training series of preseason exhibition matches held in non NBA cities.

NBA All Teams History Facts Founder Free Encyclopedia

Among 30 Teams are divided into four zone, thirteen teams are in the Eastern Time Zone, nine teams are in the Central, five teams are in the Pacific and remaining three teams are in the Mountain.

Team NamewinsLoss
Boston Celtics174
Los Angeles Lakers1615
Golden State Warriors65
Chicago Bulls60
San Antonio Spurs51
Philadelphia 76ers36
Detroit Pistons34
Miami Heat32
New York Knicks26
Houston Rockets22
Cleveland Cavaliers14
Atlanta Hawks13
Washington Wizards13
Oklahoma City Thunder13
Portland Trail Blazers12
Milwaukee Bucks11
Dallas Mavericks11
Baltimore Bullets 10
Sacramento Kings10
Toronto Raptors10
Phoenix Suns02
Utah Jazz02
Brooklyn Nets02
Orlando Magic02
Chicago Stags01
Indiana Pacers01
Washington Capitols01

NBA Live Matches Tickets Price

The price of tickets depends on what seat position you choose which is generally $89 approx.


Final Words

NBA (National Basketball Association) is the played major sports as well as popular sports in specially USA and Canada. Now the popularity of Basketball is spreading all round the world. In every session NBA tolerate lots of Controversies and criticism but noting can stopped the popularity of NBA. So dear keep watching NBA and stay support with us to know all information about NBA.


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