Chicago Bulls Roster, Jersey Number In 2020


Chicago Bulls is another huge NBA professional Basketball team in USA. Chicago Bulls plying under league’s National Basketball Association as the popular member of the league’s Eastern Conference of Central Division.

The previous session is not too good for Bulls. In the last session 2018-2019 is least winging session from 2001. That is why Chicago Bulls start this session to make strong their lineup. Chicago Bulls picks Coby White from the NBA draft as a 7th pick up to make their line up more stronger at Shooting Guard position. Bulls are played much batter then previous session and stranded by 9th position (1st February update) of Eastern Conference.

Chicago Bulls Full Roster with Jersey Number of Session 2019-2020

Chicago Bulls one of the finest NBA team in USA. NBA (National Basketball Association) is one most popular and richest professional basketball competition played in USA and Canada. Almost 30 teams divided into two divisions. Bulls safer also this session with several injuries that is why Bulls can’t show up their full strength. This session (2019 – 2020) Chicago Bulls make their line up with some young talent. This session Bulls pick up their lineup with 17 players. Let’s check out bellow quick over view about Chicago Bulls team full Roster and most probable plying lineup with their position.

Chicago Bulls Roster 2020 

name plying positionjersey numberrating
Zach LaVinePG886
Kris DunnPG3276
Tomas SatoranskyPG3175
Ryan ArcidiaconoPG5173
Shaquille HarrisonPG372
Coby WhiteSG075
Adam MokokaSG2068
Max StrusSG2869
Otto PorterSF2280
Denzel ValentineSF4573
Chandler HutchisonSF1572
Lauri MarkkanenPF2482
Thaddeus YoungPF2180
Wendell Carter Jr.C3477
Daniel GaffordC1270
Luke KornetC272
Cristiano FelicioC671

Chicago Bulls Full Plying Lineup For 2020

Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky are given strength as well exprence of Bulls Roster. Those exprence give a sutable direction on Bulls roster.  Hare the most prable position and plyers will be Zach LaVine, Otto Porter and S. Harrison are at Small Forward potion, W. Carter Jr., Daniel Gafford and Luke Kornet are at center, Lauri Markkanen and Thaddeus Young at Power Forward, Kris Dunn, Coby White and Ryan Arcidiacono are at Point Guard position. Tomas Satoransky, Denzel Valentine and Adam Mokoka are at most wanted Shooting Guard position.

Depth Chart

Zach LaVine, Otto Porter and S. HarrisonSmall Forward
W. Carter Jr., Daniel Gafford and Luke Kornetcenter
Lauri Markkanen and Thaddeus YoungPower Forward
Kris Dunn, Coby White and Ryan Arcidiacono Point Guard
Tomas Satoransky, Denzel Valentine and Adam Mokoka Shooting Guard

Chicago Bulls Injuries

Chicago Bulls have very bad injuries history in the past. Chicago Bulls suffer lots of injury from the previous session. Denzel Valentine suffers Valentine’s injury in the current session. Although, Valentine’s injury is not conceder as high risk injury in medical. Hope that Denzel Valentine will be recovers very shortly and contributes her experience. Lauri Markkanen also suffers several injuries.


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